• New Media Rocket Posters
    Infonaut Rocket Posters

    Objective for Spring Show Infonaut Rocket Lobby Posters:

    I designed these posters to promote our Annual Spring Show and encourage our BFA students in New Media to enter their work. The Call for Entries poster garnered over 1100 entries! I was inspired by the sculpture, Raygun Gothic Rocketship, and acquired permission from Sean Orlando, the sculptor who created the original public sculpture to use my original photo of his work in my posters promoting entries.

    Orlando’s rocket is iconic to me because the term “infonauts” best describe my students as travelers of the “information highways”. Students of New Media do exactly that. Adobe graciously provided software as prizes. Cardboard rockets from Cardboardsafari.com were assembled and used as trophies.

    These 24” x 60” posters were designed using Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. The blast-off exhaust is a large collection of asterisks in various levels of transparency.

    These posters were recognized in the 2011 International Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Semifinalist, Innovation in Traditional Media in Education category.

  • New Media Mind Map Posters
    New Media Mind Map Posters

    Objective for New Media Mind Map Lobby Posters:

    In an effort to communicate the extensive nature of our New Media curriculum, I designed this poster group for visitors to our gallery. Developed over many years to keep our students current in the industry, our curriculum included visual design, typography, web & interactive design, motion graphics, video, imaging, photography and more. For many, the depth and breadth of these studies is difficult to imagine. This visual approach succeeded where words had failed. A more subtle promotion for our program is in the use of the “Eschermetric” typeface designed by alum Chris Vilchez in our Digital Typography course and is used with his permission.

    These posters and the accompanying interactive PDF were recognized in the 2012 International Adobe Design Achievement Awards, Semifinalist, Innovation in Traditional Media in Education category.

    One spread made of 3 posters, each measuring 24″ x 84″

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    Anchor Bank Logo

    Anchor Bank Logo

    When Anchor Bank first move into southwestern Washington, they hired a group of local designers (myself, David Olson and Ricardo Caillet-Bois) to create their logo, indentity, stationery and signage. So far, this mark has been very successful for the bank as it has grown to numerous branches throughout the state.

    My primary role was creating the mark itself using Adobe Illustrator. Because of the logos many applications from ballpoint pens to large parking lot signs, each vector had to be perfect.

    Working with other designers as talented as David and Ricardo was always fun for me.

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    Call for Entries

    Objective for Call for Entries Lobby Poster

    My responsibilities as Director of the School of Web Design and New Media included designing department documents, signage and promotions.

    Each year the Academy of Art University holds its Annual Spring Show where the best artwork from all departments is showcased. This is the Call for Entries poster I designed to get the word out to our undergraduates about the show and the sustainable hanging and entry system we began in 2008. A secondary motivation for the poster was to encourage New Media students to enter the international Adobe Design Achievement Awards, the deadline for which follows the Spring Show deadline. I am happy to report that, over the years, many New Media students won recognition at Adobe’s prestigious events, everything from First Place to Honorable Mention.

    This poster was designed using original photography of clouds over Orinda, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. It was the first occurrence of the rocket ship theme promoting the concept of “infonautics” to New Media students.

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    Two Gentlemen

    Harlequin Productions Poster

    So, there’s this wonderful designer in Olympia, Washington named Scott Whitney of Whitney Design. Scott also produces and directs plays and has, over the years and after much hard work, owns his own theatre and production company, Harlequin Productions.

    Back in the days when they performed at The Black Box, Scott had posters made for his productions and would occasionally ask for my help. In the case of “The Two Gentlemen” Scott had five professionally taken photos each of which had something he liked. He asked me to assemble them together into one photo. Well, hey, I love that kind of challenge, so I did it. The left face from another shot, the hand on the left from another shot, the beautiful blonde from another shot, and the guy on the right, from another shot. You get the idea; there was a lot of great material to work with but none of it was in one photograph.

    Then Scott asked me to strip out the color and hand paint the color back in for a special look. Well, hey, I love that kind of challenge, so I did it. Always the perfectionist, Scott took the file back to his studio. finished colorizing the image to his specifications and then added the glowing layer for a magical look.

    Adobe Photoshop, and special thanks to Scott Whitney and Harlequin Productions.

    (When you visit Olympia, Washington, stop by and see one of Scott’s wonderful plays!)

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    Capital City Marathon Poster

    I spent weeks in research and drawing preparing another design for this event that was immediately rejected by the client. When they asked for another idea, I came up with this in under twenty minutes and, needless to say, everyone loved it.

    The Process: Get mad, tear up brown paper bags, scan torn bags, colorize torn bags in Photoshop, scan copyright free engraving of columns, break them to make them look like running legs, draw state capitol dome in three seconds from phonebook cover, find silly type, and move one of the beautiful elements over from previous hard work and – voila!

    Adobe Photoshop, brown paper bags, phonebook

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    Rigel Logo

    You may well laugh at this dated mark based on a floppy disk, but let me tell you a few interesting stories about it before you laugh too hard.
    First, it’s a duotone. There were no digital duotones when this was created; it was not part of Photoshop yet. To create the separations I had to make two images that registered precisely (one for gray and one for blue). Each file needed to be saved from Photoshop as EPS files with the halftone angles and line-screens locked into each file so that, when printed, they would not create a moire. Each file was locked in registration using FreeHand 2.

    Second, because it was one of the first duotones and it didn’t look like a digital piece, it was awarded the “Certificate of Design Excellence” by Print Magazine in its Design Annual.

    Third, Print liked it so much, they included it in their book of Best Logo Designs later that same year.
    OK, now you can laugh.

    Adobe Photoshop, Aldus Freehand (special thanks to Print)

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    Nisqually Newsletter

    The Nisqually River Basin Land Trust is a wonderful environmental organization with the goal of keeping the river basin, a vital part of the eco-system in Washington State, as healthy as it possibly can.

    Using photographs supplied by the land trust and anything I could get my hands on, we set about creating a monthly newsletter with hardly a budget at all. Capitol City Press provided huge discounts for the printing while I discounted the design. Together, we came up with some remarkable two-color layouts over the years.

    Adobe Illustrator and Aldus PageMaker, New Baskerville and Helvetica Neue, offset lithography (special thanks to Capitol City Press and The NRBLT)

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    Prescription for Washington

    Beginning with concepts from one of the most organized clients I ever met, I created this logo for one of the Washington State Government Agencies.

    Adobe Illustrator reproduced in a variety of methods

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    Fifty Fathoms ESB

    Based on our success with the Fishbowl project, Fish Brewing hired me to design another piece that would promote their new, special bitter called “Fifty Fathoms ESB”.

    Again, I conducted lots of research from the library and old, copyright free materials and made pencil drawings that were eventually traced in Illustrator and moved as layers into Photshop. The textures in the octopus were simple applications of Noise and Blur filters in succession. My favorite part is the Trident at the very bottom; I always thought he would make a wonderful carving or sculpture someday.

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    Fishbowl Pub

    Fish Brewing in Olympia, Washington hired me to design a t-shirt for their pub known as the Fishbowl. They wanted a Japanese influence in the design as well as a fish and elements used in the brewing process.

    Lots of pencil drawings were made and eventually traced in Illustrator. Because of the complexity of the color palette, the screen printer need a total of nine color separations to complete the project. To accomplish this, the project ended up as nine layers in Photoshop.

    All the hard work paid off as this design won the 1997 Grand Prize in the Great BrewPub T-Shirt Design Contest sponsored by Brew Pub Magazine in Davis, California.

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    Great Basin Stationery

    As I mentioned in the previous description, the GBFCU mark was eventually reproduced in silver foil debossed into handsome bright white stock that held the debossing very well. This shows a subset of the stationery we designed.

    Using the same silver inks on a later project, I designed a series of brochures promoting the company’s products and services that achieved recognition in an industry related competition.

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    Washington State Annual Report

    This was perhaps the most complicated of all my design projects. Designing the cover and inside pages for Washington State’s Annual Report was no small task, especially considering the many approvals needed along the way, budget limitations and having many unique text and spreadsheet data formats to import. All I have to say is that I’m glad it ended so well. Thanks to my client and many special thanks to Capitol City Press for their forebearance and generosity.

    Adobe Photoshop, Duotone of Original Photography, Quark

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    Alameda Federal Credit Union, Annual Report

    I was very fortunate to have worked with Krissy Eastlick of MarketWise Communications. Her expertise in marketing had garnered he many bank and credit union clients including AFCU.

    First, I designed their logo based on the Park Street Bridge, a symbol to anyone living in the area. For their annual report, I used original photography, Photoshop and a duotone made from the corporate colors.

    I didn’t know it then, but I would later move to Alameda.