About Bob


Making art has always been part of who I am. Over the years  art has been my faithful guide through all phases of my growth as a person. I have had the wonderful opportunity to create art in many mediums for galleries, a university, and a silicon valley corporation. I work in a variety of mediums including colored pencil, lithography, serigraphy, woodblock printing, and sculpture.


I arrived on the digital art and design scene when it first began to blossom with Adobe's invention of PostScript and their first digital tools for design. While I continued to make art, I adapted those skills to the new possibilities provided by digital tools for page and book design, vector illustration, and logo design. The teams I worked with were on the cutting edge of a whole new world of prepress and print production techniques still used today.


Fate gave me the precious opportunity to be a teacher. During those years, I taught in Middle School, High School, Junior College, and University. All of my art and teaching experiences culminated in my position as Director of New Media at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco where I met many gifted artists and designers and made life-long friendships. Teaching is like that.


Now I am retired in Bisbee, Arizona, with the love of my life and fellow artist, Lori Fujimoto. I make art and get involved in design projects when it feels right and when we aren't traveling.


Cheers, and thanks for looking at this portfolio.


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